Highway, Water & Sewer

The Town of Marlborough runs a small municipal water system serving approximately 300 customers (300 Connections and 750 Users). The customer base is primarily residential. However, there is one large industrial user, the Mountain Company (a.k.a. the T-shirt factory).

The first documented system components were built in 1951, and include the School St. well and pumping facility, the Pleasant St. storage tank, and approximately 12,000 linear feet (lf) of cast iron (CI) pipe. Prior to that, water to the area was supplied by several springs, which have since been abandoned.

Many of the facilities first installed in 1951 are still in use today. The School St. facility (a.k.a. Well #1) is used as a stand-by water source, and the Pleasant St. tank still serves its original function. A booster pump station was added at the tank facility in 1998 in order to serve the Mountain Village Trailer Park (MVTP). The water distribution system serving MVTP was first built in 1992 and later expanded in 2008. Approximately 4,000 feet of water mains have been installed since 1995.

Well #2 and associated pumping facilities, which were located on Fitch Court, were abandoned in 2013, when Wells #3 and #4 were constructed along with new pumping facilities.

Highway Department

Director of Public Works

Matthew Patnode

Water/Sewer Department

Justin Frazier