265:37-a Motorist Duties When Approaching Highway Emergencies.-

I. When in or approaching an incident involving a fire, collision, disaster, utility construction or maintenance, or other emergency resulting in partial or complete blockage of a highway, or a location where a police officer has made a traffic stop, every driver other than the driver of an emergency response vehicle, shall:

(a) Maintain a reduced speed.

(b) Obey the directions of any authorized person directing traffic and of all applicable emergency signals and traffic control devices.

(c) Vacate as soon as possible any lane wholly or partially blocked.

(d) Give a wide berth, without endangering oncoming traffic, to public safety personnel, any persons in the roadway, and stationary vehicles displaying blue, red, or amber emergency or warning lights.

II. Any person violating this section shall be fined $75 plus penalty assessment for a first offense and $250 plus penalty assessment for a subsequent offense in a 12-month period.