Animal Control

Animal calls are handled by the on-duty police officer and often take up valuable time and resources.  Please help us by registering your dogs with the town, making sure that they wear collars with identification, and remain on your own property unless accompanied by a responsible person.  Repeated offenses may result in a civil forfeiture fine imposed.

See the below statute concerning NH dog regulations for more information. 


NH RSA 466:31, II (Dogs a Nuisance, Menace or Vicious)

(a) allow said dog to be at large which means it is off the premises of the owner or keeper and is not under the control of any person by means of personal presence and attention as will reasonably control the conduct of such dog, unless accompanied by the owner or custodian. $25.00 / 2nd Offense $50.00

(b) allow said dog to bark for sustained periods of more than 1/2 hour, or during the night hours so as to disturb the peace and quiet of a neighborhood area. $25.00 / 2nd Offense $50.00

(c) allow said dog to dig, scratch, or excrete, or cause waste or garbage to be scattered on property other than the owners. $25.00 / 2nd Offense $50.00

(d) allow a female dog in season (heat) to run at large or be off the premises of the owner or keeper during this period except when being exercised on a leash by a responsible adult, or not keep said dog within a building or enclosure in such a manner that she will not come in contact with a male dog. $25.00 / 2nd Offense $50.00

(e) allow said dog to growl, snap at, run after or chase any person or persons. $50.00 / 2nd Offense $100.00

(f) allow said dog to run after, chase bicycles, motor vehicles, motorcycles or other vehicles being driven, pulled or pushed on the streets, highways, or public ways. $50.00 / 2nd Offense $100.00

(g) allow said dog, whether alone or in a pack with other dogs to bite, attack, or prey on gate animals, domestic animals, fowl or human beings. $100.00 / 2nd Offense $400.00


Owners of livestock are also required to keep control of their animals by law:

NH RSA 635:3 Trespassing Stock – If any person having the charge or custody of any sheep, goats, cattle, horses, or swine shall knowingly, recklessly, or negligently suffer or permit the same to enter upon, pass over, or remain upon any improved or enclosed land of another without written permission of the owner, occupant, or his agent, and thereby injures his crops, or property, he shall be guilty of a violation.