Bad Checks

Issuing Bad Checks:

NH RSA 638:4 - A person is guilty of issuing a bad check if he/she issues or passes a check for payment of money and the payment of money is refused by the drawee (Bank).

Bad checks, unfortunately, are becoming more a part of everyday life for business owners today.  With the rising cost on running a business, the Marlborough Police Department understands the frustration felt by the businesses.  With this in mind, the following information will help not only the Police Department in prosecution, but also help expedite you in getting payment.  Please keep in mind that you do have a second option in collecting a bad check.  You may go to the 8th Circuit Court located at 33 Winter Street Suite 1, Keene, NH and file a civil lawsuit.  You must understand that this is a lengthy process.  If you decide to turn this matter over to our department the following must be met for prosecution:

- Date written on the check MUST be within 90 days (3 months) old for prosecution.

- The check MUST have the person that has written the check's full street address, full name and telephone number in the upper left of the check.

- The person who accepted the check MUST have initialed the check in the upper right.

- The business/person that the check was returned to MUST send the writer of the check a 14 day notice.

- This letter MUST be sent certified mail, and the return MUST be turned over to the officer.

- When this matter is turned over to the Police you MUST not accept any payment on this check unless told by the officer.