Projects & Activities

Past & Present

The Heritage Commission has successfully undertaken a number of projects to inform people  about the significant heritage and history of the town. Some of these, as noted, were accomplished in collaboration with other organizations, both public and private. In addition to annual town approval of the Commission’s budget, some of the major projects were made possible by donations from residents, businesses & organizations to the Heritage Fund.  On the Meeting House Site restoration project, the Commission also received a grant from the NH Charitable Foundation.

Major Projects

The following is by no means a complete list of projects since 1995; however, the list highlights those which were more extensive in scope.

  • Repair of the Civil War statue – repair to soldier's sword and a new concrete apron at the base
  • The “21 Community Cornestones” study of town assets needing to be preserved or improved, using input from a cross section and all ages of residents
  • Installation of a bronze plaque mounted inside the Bell Tower to tell the story about the historic bell & the Monadnock Blanket Mill which was located on that site – a joint project with the Marlborough Historical Society
  • Design & installation of permanent signs for all five cemeteries using locally quarried granite and bronze plaques --- a joint project with the Cemetery Commission & the Historical Society
  • Selective clearing of trees & brush to restore the town's 1 ¾ acres at the Old Meeting House Site; installation of an interpretive panel; and rebuilding of several hundred feet of boundary stone walls
  • Reconstruction of the Old Town Pound on the Meeting House Site
  • Design of seven high-quality interpretive panels representing town history, and  installation on a wall at the Marlborough School --- a joint project with the Historical Society
  • Design & installation of a directional road-side sign for the Meeting House Site & Pound

On-going Projects

  • Maintenance of the 1767 Maynard-Gates House, the town's oldest framed house, and the  historic Bell Tower
  • Brush cutting at the Webb Depot bridge
  • Maintenance of the Meeting House/Pound Site