About Marlborough

Our History & Heritage

Located in the beautiful countryside of Cheshire County, Marlborough was chartered in 1752 by the Masonic Proprietors' agent as "Monadnock No. 5". Lots were drawn in 1762 and were first settled two years later. The Town was incorporated in 1776, taking its name from the Massachusetts community that was the home of its early settlers.

There once was an important granite industry in Marlborough. Stone from our town was used in fine Boston buildings at Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA and locally. Blankets and wooden-ware, including toys, have been manufactured here.

Today, Marlborough is a rural residential suburban community. A town of hills and beautiful vistas of Mount Monadnock. It attracts the attention of summer tourists and vacationers. Points of interest include the Old Meeting House site and Cemetery, the Frost Free Library, Webb Granite Quarry and the Gates House.

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