Maynard-Gates House

This early settlement farmhouse was built in 1767 and is the oldest timber-framed structure in Marlborough, leading the way in transition from log cabins built by the earliest settlers to hand-hewn timbers and boards from the town’s original saw mills.

In 1989 the house and ¾ acres of land were deeded to the town by Woodmaster, Inc, the developer of the Marlborough Estates. A citizen’s committee promoted saving and preserving the house and in the early 1990s thousands of dollars were raised by the committee from residents, businesses and charitable foundations to fund the project. The preservation work was guided by that committee until 1995 when the Heritage Commission was established by the voters. The Selectmen requested that the Heritage Commission take on responsibility to continue the preservation project and on-going maintenance of the property. Over the next few years work continued, donated funds were used up, and the work was completed using Heritage Commission funds.  Since the late 1990s the Commission has completed various projects at the house --- for example, a cedar shake roof was installed, funded mostly by donated money from a fund-raising effort by the Commission and supplemented by town funds. Also, a handicapped accessible entrance and restroom were installed using grant money; clapboards were replaced, the siding stained; the main room floor refinished, to name a few major projects.

In 2003 an application was submitted by the Heritage Commission to the NH Division of Historic Resources for this house to be listed as an historic property on the New Hampshire Register of Historic Places. The application was approved and a framed certificate dated October 2003 is mounted on the corridor wall at the town office building.   

The house is located near a major gateway coming into Marlborough from the east. In 2009 the Heritage Commission decided  to design an attractive new sign which is installed on a granite post beside Rt. 101 so travelers would see it as they head east and west through our town……….