Heritage Commission

The Marlborough Heritage Commission was established in 1995 by vote of the residents who adopted the concept as defined under NH state statute RSA 674:44-a,b,c & d.  Its purposes are described as for the proper recognition, use and protection of resources, tangible and intangible, primarily man-made, that are valued for their historic, cultural, aesthetic. or community significance within their natural, built or cultural contexts. Also in 1995, a Heritage Fund was established which can accumulate a combination of appropriations, in whole or in part, and gifts of money (and property) received in the name of the town. Accumulated funds can be expended by the Heritage Commission for its purposes without further approval of the local legislative body, with any fund balance carried over year to year. 

Our Mission

The Heritage Commission is dedicated to preserving and protecting those features of our community which are significant resources relative to our historic, cultural and aesthetic qualities; and to promoting the recognition and use of these resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

Commission Members