VIN Verifications


New Hampshire Department of Safety Administrative Rule Saf-c 1904.04 Verification of Vehicle Identification Number requires that a verification of vehicle identification number (VIN), form TDMV 19A, shall be completed when there is no previous New Hampshire or out-of-state title furnished to the bureau. Form TDMV 19A shall be completed by a licensed New Hampshire dealer, other than a bonded dealer, an authorized New Hampshire inspection station or any New Hampshire law enforcement officer, after a physical examination of the vehicle.

As a courtesy to Marlborough residents the Marlborough Police Department will perform Vehicle Identification Verifications upon request. Upon receiving a request to complete a VIN Verification we will strive to complete the verification as soon as possible, however, the handling of calls for service takes priority over VIN verifications.

To request a VIN Verification please call 603-876-3311 or 603-355-2000 to arrange a mutually convenient time with the officer on duty so that the verification can be completed. You should have a State of New Hampshire Verification of Vehicle Identification form (TDMV 19A) available for the officer to complete. If you do not have this form please inform the officer that you will need a form at the time you schedule the appointment.

A VIN form may be accessed here.
A HIN form, regarding boat inspections, may be accessed here.