Highway, Water & Sewer News & Announcements

Iron Water, red water, and water quality issues

Early morning on Friday February 7, 2020 The Marlborough Water Department performed maintenance on one of our primary wells in Town.... more ››

2020 CCR (Water Quality Report)

Please click on the link below to read the 2020 Consumer Confidence Report. This report is a yearly report that details the water quality... more ››

Marlborough Water System 2018 Asset Management Plan Overview

Below is a link to the 2018 Asset Management Plan Overview prepared by Underwood Engineers. This Plan provided The Town with a list of all... more ››

Resources to Test Your Home Well

To learn more about how, and why, to test your private home well, please follow the link below to be brought to the NHDES website.

2018 Water & Sewer Rates

WATER/SEWER RATESMarlborough Water Works water rates for 2018 are as follows:WATERAll Water, Residential... more ››

Home Water Efficiency: Bathrooms

NHDES Environmental Fact Sheet WD-DWGB-26-18. Please enjoy some helpful tips from NHDES on how to save water in the home. 

Clean Drinking Water? It's up to you!

The DOs and DON'Ts for maintaining clean Drinking Water presented by NHDES