Meeting House Site & Town Pound Restoration

In 2002 the Heritage Commission launched a major project to restore the Old Meeting House Site, the nearby Town Pound and several hundred feet of boundary stone walls on Frost Hill Rd.

The 1 ¾ acres of woods had grown up over many years and Commission members felt the site could be cleared to make a beautiful natural area for everyone to enjoy. It would also help to reconnect residents to the town's earliest history when the Meeting House, built in the late 1700s, was used for town meetings and also shared by five church societies before the development of the town along the river valley..

Two local metal detecting groups surveyed the entire site, discovering many artifacts: coins, musket balls, buttons, buckles, hardware items, a jewelry piece and many wrought nails. Tree clearing work was started in May 2003, with selected trees being saved to insure the beauty of the natural site which has an open view to Mt. Monadnock.....

This project was made possible for two primary reasons: the vision and efforts of the Heritage Commission, and the many financial contributions from residents and businesses, in-kind donations of time and equipment, a town appropriation and a grant from the NH Charitable Foundation, all of which added up to about $30,000 for the project.

Since its completion in 2005, our residents and visitors have had a very special place they can visit to more fully appreciate the history of  Marlborough and enjoy the natural sourroundings with its magnificant view of Mt. Monadnock. And they will learn about early town history from information on the bronze plaques and a graphic display panel located on the site.